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Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Golden Globes 2017

Korean Beauty in Hollywood

Last night’s Golden Globes brought us some amazing dresses and looks, and it brought with it a spotlight to celebrities using Korean skin care products. But, how do celebrities prepare for a red carpet bash like the Golden Globes? A couple of Hollywood’s favorite leading ladies, Emma Stone and Drew Barrymore used Korean skincare to prep their skin for the event.

Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Golden Globes 2017 | Drew Barrymore and Emma Stone


Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Drew Barrymore using K-beauty Sheet Mask

Drew Barrymore uploaded the above picture showing her with a K-beauty sheet mask on Instagram last night as she was preparing for the Golden Globes red carpet.

While I’m not sure which one she used, I’m guessing she used a firming and hydrating mask. The firming would help to turn back the clock on aging, and hydration to keep her make up looking fresh and to combat any dryness.

Emma Stone rocked a lip mask before the awards to smooth dry winter lips.


Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Emma Stone with Korean Skincare Lip Mask

Why You Should Use a Mask before an Event

Using a sheet mask before a special event isn’t a Hollywood secret, all of us can benefit from using one to brighten dull skin, smooth lines, moisturize dry skin, and prep skin for make up. Below you’ll find sheet masks that have great reviews, and ones that have worked out for me. Celebrities using Korean skincare is nothing new, and it just shows how K-beauty has come to influence the US.

Koglow’s Recommended Sheet and Gel Masks

Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Tony Moly Kiss Kiss

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch – 5 Pack

A hydrogel mask with Vitamin C and strawberry extract to smooth and plump dry lips. Also includes bearberry leaf, black berry, and blueberry extract. It’s a steal at under $10 for a 5 pack on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon – $8+ | Buy at Tony Moly – $4.50


Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Mizon Vital-Up


Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Mask Sheet Variety 10 Pack

Voted as one of the best sheet masks of 2016, these Mizon sheet masks are packed with nutrients. Enriched with green tea, avocado, lemon, white flower, propolis, lavender, pomegranite and snail mucin extracts are in these sheet masks and tone, whiten, soothe and lift skin.

Buy on Amazon $14 | Buy on Peach & Lily individually for $3.50 each


Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Monday to Sunday

Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Masks – 7 Pack

25 grams of concentrate mean a moist treatment from start to finish. The excess concentrate can be used anywhere else on your body, too. Sensitive skin? No problem, this contains no harmful chemicals. Calm, soothe, soften and moisturize your skin with this weekly pack.

Buy on Amazon – $16+ | Buy at Skin18 – $22


Celebrities Using Korean Skincare: Dr Jart Rubber Mask

Dr Jart Rubber Mask Firming Lover

Dr Jart is one of the best Korean skin care brands out right now, and this mask is no exception. This is 2 piece sheet mask in rubber, and you can choose from different versions: Moisture Lover, Firming Lover, Bright Lover, Clear Lover. Put ampoule on your clean face and leave on for 30-40 minutes.

Buy on Amazon – $18 | Buy 2 at Sehoon Yolo – $21



Have you tried any of these? What do you think about Korean Skincare: Golden Globes? Scroll down to comment below.

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