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Clean It Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin [Korean Skin Care Review]

Clean It Zero Sensitive Skin

Last year I had a bout of adult acne and I was trying to use products that would be easy on my skin and not cause more breakouts. However, I wanted to start a Korean skin care regimen and part of that is the double cleanse–starting with an oil based cleanser. I was pretty nervous about using oil–I hadn’t used that as a cleanser in a couple years and that was before my skin became so sensitive and irritable. I received Clean It Zero Purity in a Soko Glam Korean starter kit, so I figured since it was for sensitive skin, it might not make me break out.

When I first tried this, I did read reviews that stated I needed to make sure that I rinsed this off my skin completely or it could clog pores. I always made sure to do that and it served me well, so I advise you to also make sure you rinse this off completely.

Clean It Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin

$21 on Amazon (lowest price I found)
Size: 100ml
Fragrance: None.
Skin effect: Soft, clean feeling.
Pros: Removed eye make up and mascara with little effort and no tears or irritation! Skin feels great after using.
Cons: Must be sure to wash off all of the product or you could have some build up that can possibly make you break out. Just follow with a foaming cleanser and you’re set.
Directions: Scoop a small amount on your spatula and rub it in a circular motion all over dry skin. Add water and continue rubbing any heavy make up areas and then rinse.

Here’s how I use this cleanser: I scoop it out (it comes with a tiny spatula that gathers just the right amount) and rub it on my face in a circular motion. Concentrating on my eyes, I lightly rub Clean It Zero until I see mascara and eye liner smearing, and I continue to rub until I’m confident it gets my mascara and eyeliner off. It works great to remove eye make up with no irritation. I can’t stress this enough. My skin is sensitive, so even wiping my eyes with a make up cleansing cloth can be irritating, leaving me red and my skin stinging. Clean It Zero is extremely gentle, though, and it removes make up and dirt with ease.

To remove, simply rinse your face with water. You’re going to have to make several passes at this to make sure all the cleansing oil is removed. Simply rinse until water runs completely clear… try cupping the water in your hands and seeing what’s left behind after you splash your face to get an idea. In order to follow thorugh with the double cleanse, simply follow up with a foaming cleanser. It should catch anything you missed.

I really enjoy Clean It Zero Purity. I have not broken out because of this product, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Please exercise caution if you think an oil cleanser will irritate your skin. I have personally been happy with this product, however.

Clean It Zero Purity for Sensitive Skin Spatula

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to look good, you just need to moisturize and  pick the right products for your skin type!

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