Have you heard of the NOHJ Black Intracell Boosting Sheet Mask? It’s a mask that bubbles. I didn’t even know these existed until I got a free one to review from 08Liter.

NOHJ makes several types of creative sheet masks – from bubbling to overnight, and more. The reviews for NOHJ are solidly positive for the most part, and my experience is no different.

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Price: $3.25 (individual) at Beauteque | $30 for 10 at Beauteque | $30 for 10 at Amazon
Fragrance: Pleasant citrus scent
Skin effect: Softens skins, removes excess sebum, moisturizes
Pros: Fun, deep clean, smells great
Cons: Bubbles tickle and dry quickly

1. Cleanse and tone face.
2. Apply mask and leave on for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.
3. Rub bubbles into skin after removing mask and rinse.

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How it Works

After googling how to use this sheet mask, I saw that I had to cleanse and swipe my face with toner before I used it. This mask has foaming bubbles and it seems like fun idea. The bubbles are there to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and black heads.

Once I opened up the sheet mask, I really liked the citrus and fresh scent. And I was surprised to see that it was actually a black sheet mask, too. The directions say to leave the mask on for 5-10 minutes, while bubbles start to foam up. I’ve never used a sheet mask like this before, so I was pretty surprised at exactly how much it bubbled up and how thick the foam got.

The bubbles are there to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and black heads. After the 5 minutes, the directions say to massage the bubbles into your skin before you rinse it off.

NOHJ Black Intracell Boosting Sheet Mask - review koglow.comThe bubbles dried a bit as I was taking pics so I didn’t have a chance to really work it in very well. So, I added a little water to it by wetting my hands and massaged the bubbles in and rinsed it off.


After using, I immediately noticed my skin felt softer and smelled amazing. I really liked the scent, too. I would try this again. I wonder how the softness would hold up if I tried these types of foaming masks daily, or even just a couple of times a week.


Try it. Not only is NOHJ Black Intracell Boosting Sheet Mask fun, it smells great and softens your skin. I look forward to trying the line myself someday.

Where to Buy

Beauteque has it for $3.25 individually, and $30 for a pack of 10. View the entire range here. Amazon has it for $31.

What do you think?

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