K-beauty Trends

Hey everyone, it’s been a crazy week. Time to distract ourselves with something different.  Here are just a few interesting tidbits I found for K-beauty Trends this week.

Will Submerged Make Up Give You Perfect Skin?

South Korea’s fashion and beauty has infiltrated the west with some interesting products and techniques. But this is something completely different.

According to The Debrief, the latest beauty trend in South Korea is called Jamsu – which translates to diving  or submerging in Korean. Documented by YoonCharmi, a YouTube vlogger, this trend started in Japan. She says practicing this method will give you fresh make up all day – with a matte finish to boot.

How does it work? According to YoonCharmi’s YouTube description:

After applying a thick layer of powder during the base makeup and go into the water for 30 seconds, the makeup will last long and fresh all day! Unbelievable.

After cleansing and toning, apply foundation and concealer then cover your face in a thick layer of talcum powder, submerge for 30 seconds, pat dry and continue the rest of your usual routine.

The directions for this trend vary from using a thick layer of talcum powder or regular face powder if you have sensitive skin or darker skin. Those with dry skin can use face mist instead of submerging.

I’m not so sure Jamsu has caught on as a real trend (or if it ever will). You can simply set your foundation with powder for longer wear and use a make up setting fixer spray.

Many YouTube commenters found it amusing and some wrote that a side effect of using this method can “completely block pores”.  If you try Jamsu for yourself, let me know how it turns out!

K-beauty Trends Come Stateside: The Beauty 360 Line at CVS is Launching Sheet Masks and More

Allure reports that the Beauty 360 line exclusive to CVS is launching some K-beauty inspired products.  Sheet masks, face and eye patches, neck lifting masks and more are available at CVS starting November 11th. Ranging from $3.99 online to $19.99, Beauty 360’s products include treatments for all kinds of skin issues. Check out the collection online or visit your local CVS store to see what’s in stock.

Non-Cosmetic Korean Firms Enter the K-beauty Market

No background in cosmetics, no problem. Pulse reports that big and small Korean companies are now getting in on the K-beauty bandwagon. Celltrion Inc. acquired Hanskin in 2013 and has now expanded products to department stores, online malls and even door-to-door sales. Even a tobacco company (uh, what?) KT&G released a beauty brand called VPROVE last month, while Korea Ginseng Corp. recently launched red ginseng based cosmetics. I haven’t seen these brands pop up easily here in the States. If I could get my hands on some to try I’d give it a shot. Could these products live up to the standards and quality established cosmetics brands have shown? Only time will tell.