My Skin Story

Hi! My name is Giselle and I run this blog. I’m so happy to have you here. I’m a freelance web designer living in Orlando. In my spare time, I buy and review Korean beauty products. Why? It happened because of my adult acne.

Growing up, I always got cystic/hormonal acne along my chin and jaw line, along with the typical teenage break outs. It was nothing that couldn’t be controlled by simply not touching my face during the day and keeping my skin clean. The break outs were mostly controlled through out college, but once I hit 30 something I did not expect happened – painful and frequent hormonal acne along my chin and jaw, along with constant break outs of other acne around my mouth and nose. I thought I was back in high school.

In 2014, I was seeking some relief from my adult acne. I tried a few acne systems, like The Face Shop Clean Face Acne system and the Etude House AC Clinic products. Of course, the products did nothing for my hormonal acne (I went to a dermatologist for that), but it did improve my superficial acne. From there, I discovered and Charlotte Cho, the wonderful founder of a company that makes Korean beauty accessible to all of us in the states. I’ve experimented with Korean skin care and beauty products ever since.

Once I got into the products and discovered the “10 Step Korean Skin Routine”, I started to wonder about the origins and thoughts behind this skin care routine. What is it about it that works? How did anyone figure out what product to layer and when? How can the routine be changed for the change in seasons? Or my changing skin?

Those questions started my journey into learning more about Korean skin care. I read several books on the ideas behind the routines, educated myself on skin types, moisturizer types, what to use for what skin issue, and more by reading and researching.

Korean Glow Skin Care

So, what is the Korean Glow? It’s the glow that women seek by using Korean skin care and make up products. During my research one thing became clear: Korean Glow skin care is actually about moisturizing skin care. You can make a natural glow by moisturizing and treating your skin symptoms and issues. Once you do that, you will get that glowing skin. Until then, we fake it till we make it with the right make up products! lol

My Message to You

You don’t need to spend a ton of money to look good, you just need to pick the right products and moisturize! Many Korean beauty products are affordable, and you can find a treatment for all kinds of skin issues. Don’t give up!

Review Process

I try the products from 1-2 weeks to a month or more. It really depends on the product and its advertised benefits. Some results are easier to see in a shorter time, while others could take several weeks.

I post my hauls and real-time reviews on my Instagram: koglowskin.

I buy all products myself unless stated otherwise. All opinions are my own, and I don’t post favorable reviews in exchange for free products.

I’m also not a doctor or dermatologist–please be aware that products I review may not work for your skin type. It’s your responsibility to take care of your skin and discuss any issues with your dermatologist or doctor.


If you have any questions or comments about my reviews, feel free to leave a comment on that specific post on the site. If you have something you want to ask me, then feel free to send me a message on my contact page, or email me at! <3

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