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Korean Beauty Trends: Banila Co. and Taeyon, Top 3 Toners in Korea, Etude House in the USA and More

The latest in Korean Beauty Trends: Banila Co. signs Taeyon, the top 3 toners in Korea right now, and Etude House comes stateside. Come back to view the latest every Saturday. Korean Beauty Trends Banila Co. and Taeyon Unite Taeyon from Girl's Generation is the new product ambassador for Banila Co, and suggests a few products for…

Etude House Sleeping Pack Bubble Tea – Black Review

You'll be hard pressed to find a sleeping pack with packaging as cute as the Etude House Sleeping Pack Bubble Tea packaging by Etude House. On my almost daily searches for moisturizing sleeping packs (I am on the lookout for anything that will cure the flaky skin I often get because of my combination skin), I've seen this product a few times and always passed on it. But, of course, once there was a sale on I caved and bought one for me and my friend to try. I thought the packaging was probably all there was to this sleeping pack. I was kind of right. ...