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The Best Sunscreens in Korea This Summer, Plus Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin[2017]

These are the I tried the best rated sunscreens in Korea this summer, and I found great options for Normal and Dry skin, and some really crazy good options for Acne prone or Oily skin and Combination skin. The sunscreens I tried have been consistently in the top 10 ranking from May-July of this year,…

Korean Beauty Trends: Banila Co. and Taeyon, Top 3 Toners in Korea, Etude House in the USA and More

The latest in Korean Beauty Trends: Banila Co. signs Taeyon, the top 3 toners in Korea right now, and Etude House comes stateside. Come back to view the latest every Saturday. Korean Beauty Trends Banila Co. and Taeyon Unite Taeyon from Girl's Generation is the new product ambassador for Banila Co, and suggests a few products for…