Skin Types

Sunscreen for Acne: How I Stopped Breakouts! – Dr. Jart Ctrl-A Sun Protector – Review-

Sunscreen for Acne: No More Breakouts! – Dr. Jart Ctrl-A Sensitive Sun Protector Sunscreen When you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, finding sunscreen for acne is often overlooked. After all, the worst thing that can happen when you have acne prone skin is that the very products you're using to protect your skin (like sunscreen) actually make…

What’s My Skin Type? Find Out Your Skin Type And What to Look For in Your Skincare Products

You might be asking yourself "What's my skin type?" if you've experienced skin issues like oil, dryness, sensitivity, or breakouts. This article will answer your questions so you can find out your skin type once and for all. But, first... Ideal Korean skin is smooth, resilient, glowing, clear and dewy. There are even different terms…