The latest K-beauty trends are about the best Korean beauty hair products, a new K-beauty Pop Up Shop, and Sulwhasoo. Let’s dig in!

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K-beauty Trends: K-beauty Pop Up Shop, Best Korean Beauty Hair Products, and Are you sleeping on Sulwhasoo?

The K-beauty Pop Up Shops Wave Starts Now, in Person and Online

K makeup and skin care is taking America by storm (we’re finally catching up to the East’s love for Korean products), and it’s never been bigger than it is now. You can buy Korean beauty and skin care products at Amazon, Urban Outfitters, and now Nordstrom. They have a K-beauty pop up shop in 7 stores and online. The “pop-in” runs until March 26, 2017 and has over 500 Korean beauty products. Check out Nordstrom’s online K-beauty pop up here.


Best Korean Beauty Hair Beauty Products

The results are in and the top 3 of the best Korean hair beauty products trending in Korea right now are from the Amos Professional line. Let’s get to the reviews and what you should buy for your hair:

If you have dandruff:
Best Korean Beauty Hair Beauty Products

Amos Professional Pure Smart Shampoo by AMOREPACIFIC

This Pure Smart shampoo is used year round in Korea, due to its moisturizing and dandruff controlling properties. It relieves irritating scalp issues and cleans oil build up. This is one of the best Korean beauty hair products.

Buy it: Amazon $26 | ebay $24

Reviewers have said…

After I used it, dry skin dandruff disappears and my scalp is really healthy! I have not been able to do it because I have not been able to do it. I bought it in the hair salon, but I really like it … ㅠㅠ I want to buy another …. ㅠㅠ

Amos Pure Smart Shampoo really ★★★★★ !!! I am very lucky to have only one shampoo and it is very fresh and fresh, so I use it around me both sexually. It is not irritating at all, and it is not irritating at all. This shampoo is the best thing among all the quasi-products + scalp improvement (Smell, dandruff, trouble relieving) It is effective. I am a hairdresser who is working in a hair salon, but my regular customers are the most sought after products. I also use this product every four seasons.

If you have an oily scalp and want to prevent hair breakage and falling out:

Best Korean Beauty Hair Beauty ProductsAmos Professional Scalp Feel the Green Tea Shampoo for Oily Hair

Another of the best Korean beauty hair products is this green tea shampoo is used to cut oil in the scalp and to lessen shedding and hair falling out.

Buy it: Amazon $36 | ebay $39

I am really worried because of seborrheic dermatitis and oil, but it seems to be better than Beyond. Please buy it once!

It is cool and refreshing while shooting, but it is divided into two parts, but it is cool, and it seems to have less oil in my hair and my hair loss is reduced.


Best Korean Beauty Hair Beauty ProductsAmos Professional Scalp Feel the Green Tea Intensive Anti-Hair Fall

The intensive treatment of this green tea shampoo is used to cut shedding and hair falling out.

Buy it: Amazon $40+ | ebay $30

Amos 02 Green Tea is not only a shampoo, but also an intensive green tea pack (which can be used like a treatment or a rinse) and an intensive tonic spray, which is sprayed between the scalp. It is helpful if you buy and use it in 3 sets like this 🙂 I think Amos product is good for everyone I recommend ★★★★ ☆

I do not know what you guys are doing !!!!!!! If you close your hair with this hair, it will be really cool + . I think it will be especially good in the summer ..

Best Korean Beauty Hair Beauty ProductsBatiste Dry Shampoo Original

And the last of the best Korean beauty hair products on this list adds body, leaves hair feeling clean, and adds texture.

Buy it: Amazon $16 (2 pack) | ebay $20 (3 pack)

It was the best of the dry shampoo I used, except that the powder was shaken even though I was shaking a lot, Sprinkle it and shampoo it like a shampoo. Combine it with your hair and put it in a comb. It feels good.

It is good to sprinkle occasionally when my head gets a lot of oil and it is very refreshing and refreshing even if I spray it with my head.

Are You Sleeping on Sulwhasoo? You need to wake up if you’re in your 30s.

Sulwhasoo is holistic skincare that mixes modern technology with proven Korean herbal medicine, which believes that the body undergoes internal changes every 7 years. At each milestone, the body’s energies change. So, by the time you’re 35, they say that “vital energies begin to taper and fall out of balance”, but what they really mean is your aging starts fast forwarding. That’s why Sulwhasoo uses the ancient wisdom Seng-Seng, to balance inner energies of the skin.

The prices show that Sulwhasoo is a luxury item, but ultimately it’s worth it to try at least a trial kit ($8 for this 4 item kit [Sulwhasoo] Basic Kit 4 Items(Water/Emulsion/Serum/Ginseng Cream) on Amazon.)

I’m trying a trial of their basics kit, so look for that review soon. I will say that I have noticed an improvement in my skin by using Sulwhasoo.

For now, here’s some discount codes and sales going on so you can try some products:

Receive One week supply of Timetreasure renovating serum with code SEVEN

Receive 3 of Sulwhasoo’s timeless serums with your purchase of $100 and above. Exclusively at!

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